Dr.S. Rajasabapathy MS (Gen), M.Ch (Plastic), DNB (Plastic), FRCS (Edin), MAMS

Dept of Plastic Surgery
Hand and Micro Surgery and Burns,
Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

Without paramedics, the entire health system is out of gear and is almost non functionary. The major areas of work for the paramedics are evaluation of general incident, spinal and fracture injury management, management of burns, ability to work in a critical care setting. To become a successful nursing the person should possess physical and mental strength to work in rotational shifts. They should have the presence of mind to take the right decision during a critical situation. The increasing demand for nurses has opened lucrative opportunity for the young emerging profession. Here in Ganga Institute of Heath Sciences we provide good clinical exposure in operation theatre, ICUs, step down ICUs, skin bank, bone bank. The Ganga Hospital maintains the standard of NABH, symposium, conferences is often conducted in the hospital which keeps benefiting medical and nursing staffs..

Prof.Dr.S. Rajasekaran M.S.(Ortho).,DNB(Ortho).,F.R.C.S(Ed)., M.Ch(Liverpool).,FACS., Ph.D

Dept of Orthopaedics,
Trauma and Spine Surgery,
Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

The recent development in technology was enhanced by education. Employment in the contemporary world is based on education. Employees must possess the required skills that correspond to the current technology to perform their tasks. In Ganga Hospital we provide facilities for nurses to connect their mobiles to ventilator and cardiac monitors thereby the alarm reaches the nurses on time and take immediate action. Students  must be equipped with skills to cope with the advancing technology in medical sciences as education has become a basic principle to measure the labour market on the basis of essential skills.. Ganga institute of health sciences always focuses on this and updates based on the current trends. The students work with the staff members in the hospital they are taught then and there they are free to clarify doubts this makes education more productive here

Mrs. Nirmala Rajasabapathy

Director, Ganga Hospital.

The Ganga Institute of Health Sciences is situated in an area which is out of all the odds of the city. The campus gives the atmosphere of a spiritual place. Good hostel facility with good ventilated rooms. The students are provided delicious and healthy diet based on their requirement. Facility for health treatment is available if any falls ill. We provide adequate staffs in the hostel to take of students in academic, spiritual and extra curricular activities creating a homely environment for the students. All the festivals in respective of religion are celebrated which creates a feeling of brotherhood and students learn the rich and varied cultural heritage of our nation. It builds the culture which is locked up in remote villages of our country and nurtures the Tamil culture of our city. We not only provide education but also basic values.

Mrs. Rama Rajasekaran

Director, Ganga Hospital.
Trustee, GIHS

It would be our special privilege and pleasure to welcome one and all to an enchanting world of exclusive higher education for a truly challenging and much rewarding academic career. The College campus serves as a temple of learning for students of various academic streams.

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